Crudo beds can be found in standard European sizes (for other sizes, please ask for details). Available for 190 and 200 cm-length mattresses. Our beds come with an upholstered base; mattress and spring or slat base not included.

All beds can be made with standard options in size, upholstery, wood and seams.

  • Size, most beds are available in standard widths: 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 cms. Please do not hesitate to ask if you require a different size. That’s the advantage of us being the manufacturers!
  • Upholstery, for the upholstered sections we offer a choice of 6 finishes and more than 60 colours.
  • Wood, wooden parts can be customized in accordance with the type, finish and colour desired.
  • The seams can be sewn in the same colour as the chosen leather or in any other colour available.

Under each reference please find details of all the specific options available. Our beds have matching bedside tables. (Please see Bedside tables)

Nature and nobility.  A bed with an impressive headboard. The sheer size and upholstery made from whole pieces of hide really make it stand out.

A sensation of peace and stability is born of the vertical lines of the headboard and the base.

Purity. A very balanced bed. The headboard lends it a strong presence. The leather and the base imbue it with warmth.

Elegance and balance. The curved headboard softens the design while making us feel safe and comfy.