Crudo Cell

Crudo cell is the space where you can enjoy the Crudo experience. A trip to the origins to the very nucleus of the brand. A chance to move to the moment in which our pieces are not fully formed. Where they are still to be created. Once there we can touch and feel their essence. A place not only for designers but also for interior designers, architects, or anyone who enjoys the sensations. Who wants to get involved and let their imagination fly with the sensations? The finishes, colours and special feel of the materials provide a place where we can experience the exceptional amount of possibilities available.

An experience in touch


Hands that feed the cattle. Hands that tan the hides. Hands that hone the wood, and that pant new trees. People who design. People who cut. People who polish; and who sew. Al the hands as CRUDO are marked with experience in their skills. That experience and knowledge gained over the years becomes palpable in each and every one of the materials you can experience and touch.

Travel to the essence


The soul of our furniture is in the materials we use. This is why we went to give you the chance to touch them; to feel the pores and creases in the hides; to find the grain etched in the wood. To let you connect to the force of nature through your senses and sensations.

Experience the uniqueness.


To make memorable pieces to fall in love with, we need unique materials which are totally out-of-the-ordinary. That is why we have our own tannery. That is how we can provide as wide a range of colours and fishes as we wish while ensuring the quality. That is why we work with the woods we do, the coffee shading walnut, Savannah oak, American cedar and Chilean pine. That is how we can obtain solid wooden timber which is stable and big enough to shape as we will.

Would you like to step into the heart of our furniture?