The leather used by CRUDO are full-grain cow-hide. Our leathers are soft to the touch. The elasticity makes it adapt to the human body, affording satisfaction and comfort. The natural leather, as opposed to synthetic fabrics, breathes and adapts to the temperature, imbuing a feeling of freshness comfort. It is warming in winter and cooling in summer.

Leather is a natural material. Each leather retains its natural marks, textures or tones making each piece unique. At Crudo we treat each and every hide maintaining their original characteristics, accentuating their beauty and reflecting our passion for the natural genuine materials we use.

Leather is a noble and resistant material. The key to caring for the leather and avoiding wear is to feed it. With time it may develop wrinkles that will give it even more character.



At Crudo, we work with solid cuts from tropical species such as Chilean Pine, American Cedar, Savannah Oak and Coffee-shading Walnut, all of which are grown in controlled reforestation plantations.

Woods that stand out for their hardness, stability and exotic colour. Trees with generous and large trunks providing large pieces from which to work.

Complementary Materials

The manufacture of CRUDO products combines several key materials: Solid woods and 100% full-grain leather with matching or complementing materials unite to make a perfect union of aesthetics, comfort and personal options.

Aesthetically, CRUDO adds a stroke of style to your products using materials such as glass, iron, pressure-treated wood and aluminium. Very comfortable thanks to the selection and combination of foam fillings. Customisations are available to your taste in accordance with the materials and details such as the coloured seams available in a great variety of hues.