What is Crudo?

Crudo is the fruit of time and of love.

Own production

We are manufacturers

Each piece undergoes strict controls in the design and manufacturing process, allowing us the freedom to hone our designs imbuing them with flexibility, quality and soul. Our special understanding of the production processes at Crudo ensures we have everything under control from the selection of the raw materials to the labels on the finished product.

By reviving ancient techniques and with an experienced touch we give shape to our dreams, creating strong furniture, full of life and linking us to nature. Some of these techniques are part of a family legacy that has survived the passage of time giving character, quality and especial finishes to each piece.



Crudo means design and inspiration. Every one of our pieces is the result of the combination of an idea and nature’s own design.

Let nature be your teacher.


The creations are conceived from various ideas, influences, eras, ways of thinking and life-styles. A creative process makes the history contained in the material adapt into a fundamental role to light a new pathway in its second life, as a piece of furniture.



Crudo takes part in the Amazon Reforestation initiative. That’s how we help improve the Earth’s best lung and the people who live there.