Design Services

Crudo offers both the contract and domestic sectors, the possibility of adapting the designs created by our design team, making furniture that suits your tastes, needs and projects.

The adaptations are possible in terms of measures, materials, finishes, colours and customizations of each products, allowing you to have a unique and singular piece of furniture specially designed for your spaces. Always respecting our distinctive characteristics: The perfect combination between leather and wood.



Crudo is design and inspiration. Each of our pieces is the result of the dialogue between the idea and the very expression of nature.

The Crudo creative team takes care of maintaining the essence of the brand, permeating our philosophy, values, style and inspiration in each design.

Led by our creative director and made up by product developers and graphic designers, each member of our team expresses himself through the pieces, showing his creativity, intelligence, knowledge and skills to create de idea, conceptualize it and hone our designs.

Crudo expands its team working in close cooperation with design studies related to our philosophy.


Last collaboration: La Mamba studio (Valencia)

To see our wide range of finishes and colours in leather, the different types of tropical woods, the details of how we make each piece and see the different possible combinations, come to Crudo cell.

We are delighted to assist you with any information you require, please send an email to