Nature inspire us, its strength and character are the soul of our furniture.
Nature define us. It’s part of Crudo and we owe a lot.

We humans die twice: when we stop breathing and when our name is pronounced for the last time”.

– Indigenous Cosmology

Saving the Amazon

Currently, we are one of the eco- enterprises that participates in the Saving the Amazon project. An initiative working in the reforestation of the Amazon, the protection of its indigenous communities and the environmental restoration.

Therefore, every time a person acquires Crudo products (see conditions), we plant a tree in his name in the Amazon.

A tree that will be cared for 36 months by a member of the indigenous Tucano ethnic group, after this time the tree can grow on its own and stay there forever.

Let’s save the Amazon together.

Do you want to know more about Saving the Amazon?
To learn more about the work of Saving the Amazon, click on the following link:
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Do you want to plant a tree on your own?
Make your contribution adopting or donating a tree in the Amazon by clicking on the following link:
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Is there a tree with your name in our forest and do you want to see how it is?
Go to the Crudo virtual forest by clicking on the link
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