Crudo tables are made exclusively from solid woods typical of the Tropics and afford our products special veins and tones. The wood used by Crudo has certain peculiarities making it stand out for its appearance as well as its properties: they are resistant, hard and stable. They come from large trees with uniform trunks which have completed their life cycle, providing thick, large sized planks.

Style and power. An imposing piece. Extremely balanced and visually striking. A perfect mix is achieved combining the top made of one solid piece of timber with a lacquered iron geometrical base.

Practicality and power. An imposing coffee table due to its dimensions. The simple shape contrasts with high quality materials. Large storage drawer.

Authenticity and style. The top made from a single piece of timber and softly rounded by our craftsmen rests on a light-looking base. Defined by contrasts.

Naturalness and strength. The industrial-style iron base supports a solid wood top.  The result is a piece with emphasis.   You take to it for its character and simplicity.

Versatility and simplicity. The concept is as simple as the name. A wooden cube, that, thanks to its size and design may be used as a coffee table, occasional table or as a seat.

Naturalness and soft lines. Robust but at the same time inviting. Solid wood, very thick pieces can make squares or circles.

Character and lightness. The wood vein and the iron come together to form a very personal, strong but discreet coffee-table. Come up close to appreciate all the details.

Lightness and versatility. Fine elegant lines. Table-top options: glass or leather upholstered wood.