Oru Puff

Body: Upholstered in 100% grain leather.
Base: Solid American cedar, Chilean pine, Savannah oak or Coffee-shading walnut.
Colours and finishes
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Standard: All available in the Puff section
Specific: Button available in matching or contrasting colours.
Puff designed by Crudo Design Team.
A puff inspired by Arcilla Collection


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This collection tells innumerable stories, told patiently in the heat of the sun; stories of animals roaming free and trees growing upwards towards the sky with no constraints, written with fire and scars. Arcilla is a collection about which the words “comfort” and “style” will be heard for many years.

Round puff upholstered in leather and filled with a mixture of Den. 26 and 36 foams. Ideal as additional seating

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