Puffs and Complements

Decorative but useful at the same time, CRUDO puffs and complements are really versatile pieces.  They give a dash of character to spaces decorated in any style.

As well as the puffs in this section, most of our sofas and settees have are available as a puff to use as an accessory to your living-room please see the Sofas section.

The puffs can be made with any standard options in terms of upholstery, seams and the bases. The Upholstery is available in 6 different finishes and there are over 60 colours from which to choose, the seams can match the puff, or contrast in any colour, for bases you can choose the type of material, finish and colour.

We can also combine your chosen characteristics so you can stamp your own identity on our designs.

Naturalness and comfort. A very comfortable puff looking wild. Upholstered in leather with a double seam. A zip allows the polystyrene-ball filling to be changed.

Elegance and practicality. A leather-upholstered puff with radiating seams lending it a natural look. The filling combines 26 and 36 density foams. It makes and ideal extra seat.

Versatility and style. A square puff fully upholstered in leather with visible seams. Very sober and elegant. The filling combines 50 and 26 density foams.

Natural simplicity. Solid wood supports are made for inside use. A simple concept but exceedingly aesthetically pleasing. It is available in three sizes allowing for various combinations. Plant-pot not included.